Make More Money By Putting Relationships First

Close 37% more business by following-up with a personal video message
and knowing exactly when and what % of your video message was watched.
(This works great for any contact in your sales & marketing pipeline)


1. Why was my video rejected?

To make the uploading process optimally efficient, we suggest that you set your camera settings to the lowest dimensions possible. Don't worry - this will NOT sacrifice the quality of your video file. However, if you have to take high-resolution pictures, just turn your settings back, and you'll be all set.

2. How do I activate my text?

On, go into your "settings" tab, and you will see a spot for your phone number and to activate text notifications.

3. How do I activate my time zone?

Go into and select the "settings" feature, and you'll see the setting for time zone. This will allow your text notifications after a DealEngine message is viewed or opened, and will tell you where a visitor was, who the recipient was, what device they were on, the time they watched it, and for what percentage they watched the video.

4. Where do I log in?

Go to and your account name will be given to you, and your password, you already know.

5. Where do I learn more?

We've put several resources together to help DealEngine subscribers maximize their 1-to-1 as well as 1-to-many video marketing experiences. We've also created a Video Vault. Anybody who signed up for a trial membership or a trial subscription for DealEngine has access to our Facebook group, and of course, if your company needs higher-end, hand-held advice, you can sign up for a business breakthrough session with, the parent company behind the platform and tool known as DealEngine.

6. How do I change the look of my template?

Because the company who founded DealEngine is also a website landing page and direct marketing company, we prefer to handle all website changes internally. The alternative would be to turn our great platform and sales productivity tool into a customer service business. Not really our thing. :.

7. Is there a cost for Deal Engine?

There are various packages for the DealEngine platform. We also often offer specials. So be sure to inquire in person, and we will get you your package cost. Group packages and/or batch-buying opportunities do come with a discount, however.

8. Phone vs. Computer?

It's much easier to create, navigate, and send your messages using the phone version of DealEngine. However, we often suggest, for the right fit, to use the computer's back end editing area. So if you have a file on your computer you can easily upload it to a DealEngine page.

9. Can this help my email funnel?

Many early adopters of DealEngine came to us with a need to enhance their conversion numbers from their email autoresponder drip campaign. Because DealEngine creates a link, it is absolutely possible to use DealEngine for a 1-to-many-type video message as well as insert it into an email marketing funnel. Set up a deep-dive call, and you can learn more of the finer points of enhancing the marketing fancies of using the DealEngine tool and platform.

10. What's up with the "what's working now" call?

On the "What's Working Now?" weekly teleconference, we discuss best practices for using video, best practices for using DealEngine to get as much influence as possible, and, most importantly, how to know exactly where you stand with the recipients of your messages using DealEngine video stay-in-touch marketing, etc.

11. Is there a contract for DealEngine?

The only cost associated with DealEngine are the build-out costs, which vary, the monthly subscriptions costs, which also vary, and there is no cost to become a DealEngine subscriber.

12. Which industries does it work for?

The DealEngine platform and sales productivity tool is ideal for businesses and revenue-generators who want to put service before self, tangibly put relationships first, and increase the feel-good effect for their messaging with their ideal clientele of choice. The only limitation with DealEngine is the ingenuity and innovation of the user.

13. How is DealEngine different from other competitive stuff out there?

DealEngine is different because it is a landing page-creator. In short, it's essentially like a greeting card where you have a custom URL, which is called a "PURL". You have an area to create a custom headline for your recipient, which happens right on the interface, and you also have the ability to put a custom video, which lays over a landing page down below. The other thing that is radically different about DealEngine is you can send the message to the recipient by text message, by email, by email autoresponder, by What's App, by social media instant message or you can even use it to post it organically in your social profiles. There truly is no product out there with the versatility in wherewithall that DealEngine offers.

14. Which channels?

You can distribute a DealEngine message through text message, by email, by email autoresponder, by What's App, by social media instant message or you can even use it to post it organically in your social profiles.

15. Template changes: What is the process?

If you'd like to make a change to your DealEngine template, what you need to do is notify the Client Success team at DealEngine by emailing us at

16. Does DealEngine integrate with any CRMs?

Yes. DealEngine is the perfect tool to integrate with your CRM efforts. As a standalone, DealEngine does offer text notifications, but at a more dialed-in dimension, we also have the ability to have that notification post directly to a Google document (i.e. spreadsheet. that can act as a standalone CRM. And, finally, if you do use a CRM currently that you are happy with, there are ways to have the DealEngine information automatically upload to that CRM so you can go ahead and ramp up results, trim time, and use this tool to build your business and cultivate relationships in a rocketship-type way.

17. Can I use it with other marketing?

Many subscribers use the 1-to-1 portion of the video in their DealEngine tool to then create a more of a 1-to-many appeal, so you can splice files together, you can also use it in multiple channels in various ways.

18. What else do you offer? offers the tool and platform of DealEngine. We also offer one-on-one and consulting through what we call a business breakthrough session.


Other users' best practices. In the private Facebook group, DealEngine users share their best practices, their different communication themes, and this also allows you to reach out to other subscribers to find out more as you desire.


History of DealEngine. DealEngine was created by John Gosselin and Austin Pike, co-founders of Earn More Do Less because they spotted a massive gap in the sales conversion process for many of their digital agencies' clientele. As masters of inbound marketing, web design, and creating streamlined processes for closing more visitors to clients, DealEngine came about as a necessity to help people do more deals, and tangibly put relationships first. After all, what person wants to be treated like a transaction in 2016 anyway? :)

21. Who is behind the platform?

DealEngine was created by John Gosselin and Austin Pike, co-founders and the masterminds behind Earn More Do Less. Because John and Austin recognized a huge gap in the sales conversion process for many of their digital agencies' clientele, they decided to take their ideas and create an innovative tool to help close the gap.

22. Is there a white label program?

We currently do offer white label solutions, however, those conversations occur on a case-by-case situation. So feel free to reach out to if you'd prefer to do that for your agency, company or digital marketing experience.

23. Is there a referral bonus?

If you were to a refer a friend, we do offer a free month's subscription for all referrals. In fact, you'd be crazy not to because this journey of closing more business with DealEngine much more fun when you do it with friends. :)

24. Bulk buying?

There are many instances when companies or brokerage firms who represent products or services want more horsepower with the DealEngine tool by having more subscribers use the tool in their company. There is a enterprise-level option, again, reach out on a customized level and we'll get back to you with the options as soon as we can.